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ULTRESSA is a composite material container sold by Teijin Engineering Limited. It originates from Japan's first composite material container introduced by Teijin Limited in 1987 from SCI (Structural Composites Industries), a pioneer of FRP composite material containers in the United States. The number of domestic shipments has now exceeded 400,000 units. Due to their excellent lightweight property, FPR composite material containers are used in a wide range of fields, including air respirators for firefighting, medical oxygen applications, and hydrogen-related applications. For hydrogen-related applications, they are mainly used as a hydrogen supply source for hydrogen fuel cells. Our portfolio ranges from small to large, and has a track record of being installed in hydrogen fuel cell drones and FCVs. Currently, we have a lineup of not only SCI-manufactured but also domestically manufactured containers, making it possible for us to provide ULTRESSA products that meet the needs of our customers.


ULTRESSA is an ultralight pressure cylinder with a structure in which a seamless cylinder (liner) made of metal such as aluminum alloy or resin is used as an inner cylinder, and the outer side is wrapped in multiple layers with high-strength fibers such as carbon fiber impregnated with epoxy resin and glass fiber. In the worst case scenario, to avoid a rupture, the liner would allow the gas inside to leak first, to safely lower the internal pressure within a specially designed structure (Leak Before Break structure).

  1. 1.Light weight - Approx. 1/3 of the weight of a steel container (Aluminum Type 3 containers)
  2. 2.Safety - High strength fiber and Leak Before Break structure
  3. 3.Anti-corrosion - Corrosion-resistant treatment on the inner surface (inside the container)
  4. 4.Large dimensions - 300-liter containers have been granted approval from Japanese authorities; development underway for even larger capacity
  5. 5.High pressure - 70MPa containers have been sold; 100MPa has been prototyped
  6. 6.Track record - A stable sales track record of more than 35 years

Grows with the needs of society

Our environmental efforts with ULTRESSA

■Contributing to the reduction of CO2 as global warming countermeasures
■Working hard in the background to support our hydrogen society
■Contributing with FRP composite pressure vessels required in “transport,” “storage,” and “use” applications

With our lineup ranging from small to large, ULTRESSA will play an active role in various phases such as "transport," "storage," and "use" in a hydrogen society. We can also provide assistance in responses to laws and regulations; Please contact us for details.

ULTRESSA doing its part in disaster preparedness

■Respirator cylinders supplied to fire stations, hospitals, etc.
■Smaller and lighter design to reduce the workload

Compact and lightweight ULTRESSA models are used extensively in emergencies as an air container for respirators for firefighting, and as a container for medical oxygen including home care applications.

Model list

Model Glass FRP Cylinder Carbon FRP Cylinder
ALT611 ALT667 ALT602J ALT604H ALT1082J ALT1083J ALT841J
Volume litter 8.4 4.7 8.6 9.1 4.7 6.8 6.8
Service Pressure MPa
14.7(150) 29.4(300) 14.7(150) 29.4(300) 29.4(300) 29.4(300) 30.0(306)
Gas litter 1260 1270 1290 2460 1270 1830 1870
kg 4.0 4.2 2.9 5.4 2.7 3.6 3.6
Outer Diameter
mm 172 142 173 182 140.5 172.5 160
mm 508 482 496 539 471.2 452.2 521
Filling Gases Air,oxygen,argon, carbon dioxide,helium,nitrogen or mixtures of these (Oxygen gas is only allowed to fill out up to 19.6MPa as maximum. It will be maximum 14.7MPa for ALT611.) Air,oxygen,nitrogen,argon, hydrogen,helium or mixtures of these (Oxygen gas is only allowed to fill out up to 19.6MPa as maximum. It will be maximum 14.7MPa for ALT602J.) Air,oxygen,nitrogen,argon, hydrogen,helium(Oxygen gas is only allowed to fill out up to 19.6MPa as maximum.)
Service Life 15years

New vessel models - manufactured as S Series

Model Carbon FRP Cylinder(Made in Japan)
SLT1082S SLT1082SH SLT1083S SLT1083SH SLT604S SLT604SH
Volume litter 4.7 6.8 9
Service Pressure MPa(kgf/cm2) 29.4(300) 30.0(306) 29.4(300) 30.0(306) 29.4(300) 30.0(306)
Gas litter 1270 1295 1830 1870 2430 2480
kg 2.4 3.4 4.2
Outer Diameter
mm 136.7 177 177
mm 463.3 428.5 538.3
Filling Gases air, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium (Oxygen gas is only allowed to fill out up to 19.6MPa as maximum.)
Service Life 15years

※Can be manufactured up to a filling pressure of 30MPa

Our efforts in the aerospace industry with ULTRESSA

ULTRESSA is also used extensively in the aerospace and industrial robotics fields.
Filled with gas such as helium and nitrogen, our vessels have also been successfully installed in rockets and artificial satellites.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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