About Us


Providing engineering solutions for a new era with new expectations

Ever since its founding in 1978, Teijin Engineering has cultivated a foundation of engineering experience and expertise at the production centers of the Teijin Group, and we utilize this first-hand understanding of plant operations to provide customers with comprehensive engineering solutions, encompassing everything from conceptual design to basic design, detailed design, machinery fabrication and maintenance in such business fields as the Environment and Energy, Automation and Labor Saving, and Plant, Construction and Maintenance. Further, it is the diversity of needs from a diversity of customers which has fed our growth and development over these many years.

Amidst a drastically changing business environment for our customers, we continually seek engineering solutions that will provide them with value and, as a result, facilitate our ongoing evolution and adaptation as "problem-solving specialists."

Our corporate identity can be succinctly described as "providing original engineering solutions to society's challenges," as is evident by our active involvement in a wide array of issues, such as energy and plant efficiency, global environmental clean-up and population decline and aging. We keep the customer's perspective front and center in our engineering, promptly accommodating their requests and offering a diverse range of options in order to ensure that we exceed their expectations. Our desire is to contribute to the future of society as we, ourselves, continue to grow.

We are truly grateful for the unwavering support of our stakeholders and eagerly look forward to their continued feedback and encouragement.