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Plants,Construction and Maintenance

We respond to the diverse needs of our customers based on our accumulation of various construction and construction results, mainly for chemical plants.


  • Provides engineering services which comprehensively integrate everything from design and installation to on-stream maintenance and regular repairs
  • Provides thorough safety management, process control and construction and work management
  • Able to ensure compliance with the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, Industrial Safety and Health Act (Class-1 Pressure Vessels), the Fire Services Act and other equipment installation and peripheral facilities work regulations
  • Able to overhaul specialized apparatus and even provide tailored repairs of chemical engineering equipment
  • Able to handle construction, maintenance and emergency repairs anywhere in Japan


Range of Installation

Petroleum, petrochemical, etc., process piping
Powder and chip transport piping
Electrical generation high-pressure steam piping
Polymer piping (duplex pipe)
Gas piping (liquefied, high-pressure)

Scope of Periodic Overhaul Maintenance

Overhauling of stationary equipment (towers, vessels, heat exchangers, etc.)
Disassembly and repair of rotating equipment (pumps, blowers, pressurizers, centrifuges, stirrers, transmission and reduction gears)
Disassembly and repair of specialized equipment (disassembly and repair/testing of boilers, diesel generators,safety valves and various other valves)

Materials Handled

Steel pipe for general pressure applications, Steel pipe for high temperature applications, Steel pipe for low temperature applications, Steel piping for alloyed steel, Nickel and titanium pipe

Regulations Accommodated

High Pressure Gas Safety Act, Industrial Safety and Health Act (Boilers, Class-1 Pressure Vessels), Fire Services Act

Total Cost Reduction

On-site installation, Piping work, Maintenance

Track Record

Provided services are backed up by a proven track record of results which has been cultivated as a member of the Teijin Group.

Basic Flow of Services

Teijin Engineering combines responsiveness, thorough safety management and the ability to rapidly mobilize in order to allow it to take prompt action on customer needs.

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