Products & Services

Teijin Engineering draws on wealth of diverse experience in chemical plant-centered construction and installation to meet the various needs of customers as well as the challenges of new fields.

This equipment absorbs SOx (sulfur oxide), a substance found in boilers and industrial exhaust fumes and regulated by the Air Pollution Control Act, using absorbents (magnesium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide) within the device, and stabilizes and releases or recovers it as sewerage after removing SS (suspended solids).

In order to remove NOx (nitrogen oxide), a substance found in industrial exhaust gases from gas engines (GE), gas turbines (GT), etc., and regulated by the Air Pollution Control Act, the equipment breaks it down into harmless nitrogen and water by catalytic action using ammonia water and urea water.

This equipment contributes to appropriate responses to the IMO Tier III regulations of NOx found in ship exhaust.
In order to remove NOx (nitrogen oxide) found in ship exhaust, reducers are used to break it down into harmless nitrogen and water by catalytic action.

This equipment receives and stores liquefied ammonia and feeds ammonia gas to subsequent processes at a constant level of pressure (flow rate).

Teijin Engineering designs, manufactures and installs heat exchangers, towers, vessels and tanks used by petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants and other similar facilities. In addition, Teijin Engineering is the only company in Japan capable of analyzing and manufacturing DTS, an indispensable technology when it comes to tube vibration prevention for heat exchangers.

In various industrial fields, we provide automation from single process equipment to total line systems according to your requests and needs.

This equipment transports workpieces to be processed overhead on mass production parts processing lines. It consists of a horizontal axis and a vertical axis, and is installed above processing machines to maximize the available space on the floor.

In the area of inspection process transport systems for onboard battery manufacturing, we provide a complete range of solutions from single unit equipment to transport management systems.

This is a device that inspects the airtightness inside the target product.

Innovative gentle-grabbing hand technology, TELPUYO HAND is a robot fixing jig that gently adapts to the shapes of different products to "grasp" and "fix" them.

Metal powder is a stainless steel powder for thermoplastic polymer filtration, mainly used in the spinning process.

Ultressa is Japan's first composite container, introduced by Teijin Limited in 1987 from SCI (Structural Composites Industries), a pioneer of FRP containers in the United States. It is over. Due to their excellent light weight, FRP composite containers are used in a wide range of fields, including air respirators for disaster prevention, medical oxygen applications, and hydrogen-related applications.