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Innovative gentle-grabbing hand technology, TELPUYO HAND is a robot fixing jig that gently adapts to the shapes of different products to "grasp" and "fix" them.

Product overview

  1. 1.Flexibly adaptable to different product sizes and complex shapes
  2. 2.Once adapted to a particular shape, the internal pressure is decreased to make the gripping section rigidly fixed to that shape for continued operation.
  3. 3.Grasping and holding products is still possible when their shapes are complex and it is very difficult to choose where on the products to grasp and hold them by
  4. 4.Eliminates gripping and holding errors by absorbing variations in product shape
  5. 5.When gripping or holding products, the equipment wraps around them (creating surface contact) to prevent damage that might be caused by a concentrated load with point or line contact
  6. 6.The hands’ ability to wrap around products (surface contact) also prevents damage to the surface of the products

How it works

  • During the gripping/holding phase, the hands are soft [Effect] to enable handling of mixed-type products and complex-shaped items
  • After the gripping/holding phase, the hands become hard [Effect] to ensure high positioning performance

Uses a vacuum to limit the fluidity of the contents

How misalignment is prevented

TELPUYO HAND uses a combination of palms (each of which consists of an outer pouch and inner pouch) and backs of hands (attachments). (The palm/back of hand combination is patented.)

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