Release of a New Large and Transportable High-Pressure Hydrogen Gas Cylinder in the Ultressa series

December 11, 2023


We are pleased to announce that sales of the Ultressa ALT1096, a new large and transportable high-pressure hydrogen gas cylinder, will begin in 2024.

This product was newly developed in Luxfer Gas Cylinders (headquarters: California, USA), and has been approved in accordance with the High Pressure Gas Safety Act. with a volume of 130 L and a maximum filling pressure of 45 MPa. Its key features are that the cylinder can stand vertically by attaching cylinder protector and can handle like a LGC container. It makes hydrogen gas to be easier to carry and use anywhere we need. Also, the cylinders can be bundled together so that we can store more hydrogen in the bundled cylinders, but the wight is almost a half of the same volume of steel cylinder bundle. It helps to carry more hydrogen at once.

For more information about this new Ultressa product, please contact our Composite Pressure Vessel Section.

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